Urban Operations Summit 2024: Key Details & Agenda 

From July 10-11 in National Harbor, MD, DSI's 2024 Urban Operations Summit will focus on the tools, techniques, and training required to navigate the future urban battlefield By William Mackenzie / 10 May 2024
Urban Operations Summit 2024: Key Details & Agenda
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Taking place from July 10-11, the Urban Operations Summit 2024 from DSI will examine how the U.S. military is preparing and training for operations within an urban setting. 

In National Harbor, MD, discussions at the forum are set to highlight the technologies needed for combat in large cities, planning for subterranean operations, and the challenges of urban warfare. 

The event will also have a panel emphasizing the importance of utilizing virtual training and wargaming to adequately prepare, plan, and train for operations in urban landscapes. 

Attendees at the Urban Operations Summit will have the unique opportunity to discuss and ask questions to key decision makers, subject experts, policy advisors, and solution providers to ensure mission success in the future urban battlefield.

Key Discussion Topics of the 2024 Summit:

  • Preparing to execute large-scale DoD combat operations in urban terrain
  • Rapidly acquiring capabilities to enable operator success in urban operations
  • Transforming the Army to ensure warfighting readiness in the future battlefield
  • Leading SOCOM to meet the challenges of a new era
  • Utilizing virtual training & wargaming for urban operations
  • Preparing the USMC for an increasingly urban operating environment
  • Preparing to fight in complex environments through readiness & partnership
  • Employing next-generation technologies to provide SOF a competitive advantage in future operations
  • Enhancing soldier survivability & lethality through innovative overmatch capabilities

The 2024 event will also provide a platform where speakers will discuss the development of technology and tactics needed to navigate expansive subterranean and urban terrain. 

Presentations will focus on highlighting the current ground conflicts ongoing both in Israel and Ukraine, recent changes to military doctrine, modern training strategies, and the development of innovative technologies aimed at supporting Warfighters in urban landscapes.

Sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are now open. Active-duty US military and government can attend complimentary. 

Register for the event here, or check out the Urban Operations Summit website.

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