Upgraded Combat Training Solutions for Dutch Armed Forces

Saab's provision of training solutions to the Royal Netherlands Army and Marine Corps has been updated to include an upgraded Mobile Combat Training Centre featuring ‘Mortar and Forward Observer’ capabilities By DA Staff / 08 Jul 2021
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Saab has signed a contract for the delivery of live training systems and services to the Dutch Armed Forces in an order valued at 727 million SEK ($84.3 million), with a 10-year support contract at an annual value of 66.9 million SEK ($7.75 million).

Cumulative value of the order over the 10-year period stands at around 1.4 billion SEK ($163 million) and the contract also has an option for five years additional support following the initial 10-year period.

The order includes delivery of an upgraded Mobile Combat Training Centre (MCTC) featuring Saab’s improved functionality and new capabilities. These capabilities include ‘Mortar and Forward Observer’ capability which introduces a mix of live and virtual training, known as blended training.

Blended training opens up a new dimension in monitoring exercises, where operators can monitor the whole training area, as well as specific soldiers in augmented reality. It also includes the latest generation of a vehicle simulation platform. 

The support component comprises deployable, integrated logistics and operational support to the Dutch Armed Forces.

“This order will ensure that the Royal Netherlands Army and the Netherlands Marine Corps are equipped with innovative, flexible training solutions and the required training capability,” says Åsa Thegström, Head of Saab’s business unit Training & Simulation.

“This will enable them to train at the point-of-need and as close to reality as possible. At the same time, they will remain fully interoperable with NATO and other allied nations.”

Saab received the initial order for the MCTC for the Dutch Armed Forces in 2000, and has continuously delivered upgrades and support services for that program. 

This order will extend the lifetime of the capability by up to 15 years. It also includes upgrades to the Military Operations Urban Terrain facility, which has been in operation since 2004.

“This is a long-term solution, which will enhance our training capability and secure the possibility to train our forces domestically, as well as with our international partners,” says Ltgen. M. Wijnen, Commander in Chief of the Royal Netherlands Army.

“Through this upgrade we will increase our realism and flexibility of our training and improve interoperability with our partners.”

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