Two New Series of Ultra-Wideband RF Transformers Released

Vanguard Electronics’ UWB Series and SUWB Series are designed to work up to 1.75 GHz for ADC/DAC converters, satellite systems, GPS positioning, balanced receivers and more By DA Staff / 18 Oct 2021
Vanguard Electronics Ultra-Wideband RF Transformers
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Vanguard Electronics, the leading manufacturer and supplier of standard and custom advanced Power Magnetics, Radio Frequency (RF)/Microwave Inductors and Pulse/Data Transformer components, has released two new series of ultra-wideband RF transformers (UWB Series and SUWB Series) designed to work up to 1.75 GHz. 

This new range of RF Transformers compliments the existing RF portfolio of wide-band RF transformers and inductors. The series is designed for ADC/DAC converters, satellite systems, GPS positioning, balanced receivers and more. The parts exhibit excellent stability in electrical performance over their rated temperature range (-55°C to +125°C), a stable insertion loss and a low return loss respective to its operating frequency range.

Initially launched with 3 distinct bandwidths, wider ranges of bandwidths and impedance ratios are in development. The SUWB series is designed and manufactured to surpass the harsh environment of MIL-STD-981 Class S testing. Custom ratings, bandwidths, sizes and testing criteria are also available.

“The Vanguard team is very pleased to announce the addition of the ultra-wideband transformers to its already-extensive portfolio of high-performance RF devices,” said Ryan Kooklan, Vanguard Electronics Vice President.

“These new parts have been designed to meet increased market demand for higher frequency, wider bandwidth, lower profile, and environmentally stable magnetics that can be designed and utilized in such applications as missile, avionics, space, radar systems and even down-hole electronics. The industry can expect more variety of higher frequency offerings in the coming months.”

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