Terminus 2.0 Nodal Management Software Launched

Announced at TechNet Augusta 2022, CodeMettle’s Terminus 2.0 software simplifies logistics and achieves unified network operations for US defense By DA Staff / 16 Aug 2022
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Developer of NetOps software CodeMettle has launched Terminus 2.0, a commercial grade software developed from the ground up to manage and control tactical diverse communications nodes at scale in contested and congested networks. 

Announced at TechNet Augusta 2022, Terminus 2.0 was developed with a strategic focus on warfighter requirements.

“Tactical Department of Defense (DoD) networks are critical infrastructure that need to adapt to changes at the speed of battle,” said Richard Graham, CEO of CodeMettle. “Terminus 2.0 was built in collaboration with soldiers, for soldiers. It is a complete nodal management product designed to make the stand-up and operation of any tactical node simple. Terminus 2.0 has been designed to meet or exceed the Army’s known objectives for Unified Network Operations at the tactical edge.” 

CodeMettle software simplifies node management by reducing the software tools and the cognitive load required to run the network at the tactical edge. Terminus 2.0 is designed to be run out-of-the-box by relatively untrained soldiers with little experience. Because of this, soldiers operating with Terminus 2.0 can quickly and easily stand up and run a node for critical communications services at the edge.

In the 2.0 release, Terminus is now compatible with any baseband kit out the box, i.e., it manages baseband systems with no specialized configuration required. In 2.0, the process of setting up systems has been streamlined to lower training requirements and accelerate node setup. The UI is built to the Google Material UI standard, making it intuitive for anyone to use, enhanced by a visualization technique called progressive disclosure to expose only what is needed, when it is needed to simplify node operations.

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