Tactical Wireless Communications Solution Released

Savox Communications has launched Savox Pack-COM, a wireless team communication system designed to enhance coordination and security in tactical environments, featuring AES-256 encryption and a 400-meter LOS range By William Mackenzie / 01 Jul 2024
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Savox Communications, a provider of mission-critical hearing protection and communication solutions, has launched the Savox Pack-COM wireless team communication system.

Tactical Wireless Communications Solution Released

The Savox Pack-COM is designed to enhance team efficiency, safety, and security with advanced sound quality, ultralow latency, and full duplex capability.

Engineered to meet the demands of tactical environments, the Savox Pack-COM ensures seamless, secure, and reliable communication, empowering teams to perform at their best. It significantly improves team coordination, responsiveness, and situational awareness, whilst reducing misunderstandings.

Savox Pack-COM Features
The Savox Pack-COM system features a portable base station that creates a secure communication bubble, allowing teams to move freely and work securely. Utilizing AES-256 encryption, the Savox Pack-COM enhances the confidentiality and security of all communications, protecting sensitive information in real-time. 

A robust, full-duplex connection within a 400-meter LOS (Line Of Sight) range of the portable base station ensures effective communication, even in the most challenging environments. The Savox Pack-COM system also includes the Savox TRICS series tactical radio and intercom control system.

The Savox Pack-COM integrates with existing radio infrastructure by connecting up to two external radios. This feature enhances versatility and interoperability, catering to a team’s specific requirements.

Janne Pöllänen, SVP Sales and Business development, commented; “We are thrilled to introduce the Savox Pack-COM, a revolutionary innovation in wireless team communication systems. 

“This system represents a significant leap forward in ensuring our customers experiencing unmatched sound quality, security, and reliability in their communications. At Savox, we are dedicated to empowering our clients with cutting-edge solutions, and the Pack-COM is a testament to that commitment. We are excited to see the positive impact it will have on teams worldwide.”

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