Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Deployment of AI Software to AUKUS Defense Market

Together, Adarga and Second Front Systems will accelerate the deployment of AI-driven information analysis software, Vantage, delivering vital decision advantage to the AUKUS defense ecosystem By Joseph Macey / 20 Oct 2023
Adarga Second Front strategic partnership to accelerate deployment of AI software to AUKUS defense market
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Adarga and Second Front Systems have formed a strategic partnership to accelerate the deployment of Adarga’s AI-driven information analysis software, Vantage, delivering vital decision advantage to the AUKUS defense ecosystem. 

This partnership will enable Adarga to seamlessly deploy mission-critical software to UK, US and Australian defense customers across all security classifications – providing a rapid, secure route to market. This will further build on Adarga’s existing deployments across the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and wider AUKUS market.

“This collaboration marks a pivotal moment, not only reinforcing Adarga’s strategic expansion to the US and Australian markets, but in expanding our ecosystem of international partners to face shared dangers and better meet our collective national security goals in support of AUKUS pillar two” said Rob Bassett Cross, Adarga CEO. “I cannot overstate the importance of closer collaboration and the forging of more intimate relationships between our world-leading tech industries and our militaries. Establishing interoperability and adoption of Adarga’s cutting-edge AI software capabilities will equip each of our allied nations with the coalition capability to maintain a mutual strategic advantage in a world of increasing geo-strategic threats.”

“Second Front is elated to be collaborating with Adarga on their continued growth in the UK and to key allies,” said Tyler Sweatt, CEO of Second Front. “We are seeing an increased demand for software adoption across alliance frameworks like AUKUS and are excited that Game Warden is positioned to help accelerate that adoption.” 

Adarga will deploy their Vantage software product onto Game Warden, Second Front’s DevSecOps platform. Game Warden is designed for accreditation compliance and enables commercial software companies to configure, secure, and deploy software to government end users in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

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