Steering & Diving Console for South Korean Navy Submarines

Highly accurate and efficient, ECA Group’s Steering and Diving Console (SNDC) manages the 3D motion of submarines and controls diving planes and the rudder By DA Staff / 17 May 2022
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ECA Group has been awarded a fifth consecutive contract for the supply of a Steering and Diving Console (SNDC) in the framework of the South Korean Navy submarine program.

A reliable partner, ECA Group has already delivered its SNDC on Batch I of three KSS-III submarines and on the first submarine of Batch II.

Performing long and challenging missions in a restricted environment, navies require secure and innovative equipment. Reliable, compact and modular, the SNDC allows the submarine to perform highly accurate and efficient motions. 


Providing qualified equipment, ECA Group’s SNDC is:

  • Modular, adaptable and fits any confined environment and submarine design
  • Highly accurate and efficient – it manages the 3D motion of submarines and controls diving planes and the rudder
  • Easy to use, performant and provided with a numerical autopilot which includes several control modes: automatic, manual and mixed modes
  • Sea proven and already used by many navies

The assembling and maintenance of the consoles is being carried out via transfer of technology at South Korean company KTE. ECA Group further supports its client by training local operators.

Onboard its 5 KSS-III submarines, the South Korean Navy confirms ECA Group’s SNDC meets its operational requirements. Collaborating with the South Korean Navy since 2014, ECA Group will continue to offer its most innovative and operational solutions.

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