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Smarter Technologies to Celebrate Defense Sector Success at DSEI 2023

Smarter Technologies will also seek further key opportunities to apply its proprietary Orion Internet-of-Things (IoT) Data Network in the sector By Joseph Macey / 07 Sep 2023
Smarter Technologies to celebrate defense sector success at DSEI
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Smarter Technologies will celebrate 12-months of defense sector success at DSEI 2023, and look forward to further key opportunities to apply its proprietary Orion IoT Data Network in the sector. 

The team will be at DSEI to meet key partners and are available for meetings/interviews to discuss their digitally transformative solutions. 

In September 2022, Smarter Technologies announced their defense sector strategy at the DVD exhibition, in response to the pressures on MoD to increase its output effectively and efficiently, and a growing eagerness to embrace innovation and digitally-enabled transformation. Since then, Smarter Technologies has focused its engagement on the Defence Support function and its Support Transformation programmes, such as Business Modernisation for Support (BMfS). They have built trusted connections and generated business, directly with MoD and with defense prime contractors. 

Orion is a strategic digital enabler for wide-ranging IoT applications. Its unique characteristics complement other technologies, whilst addressing their critical capability gaps, which have previously hindered the full exploitation of IoT in defense. In the last 12 months Orion has concluded a trial at HMNB Devonport, expanded into HMNB Portsmouth and upgraded at RAF Brize Norton, capturing millions of performance records, in real-time and viewable remotely ‘on demand’. HMNB Devonport identified efficiencies of 65.66% in time saved on physical checks, and operational insights from Orion will feed the Navy-sponsored ‘smart dockyard’ digital twin project.

Smarter Technologies will shortly announce the scaling up and diversification of operations at other defense establishments, and will report a number of other defense problems they are helping to solve, with defense sector partners, where Orion has demonstrated utility across a range of functions, such as monitoring the cost-driving performance of operational infrastructure, informing capital investment and remediation priorities, supporting utilities consumption and water-hygiene management, assisting in building occupancy planning, as well as operational asset-tracking, fleet management and task-scheduling. 

Mark Read, Chief Executive at Smarter Technologies, said: “I’m delighted with the progress we’ve made over the last 12 months to help defense address some of its challenges. We’ve proven the benefits of IoT and of Orion, but there’s still so much untapped potential. I’m looking forward to DSEi23 and next year continuing to work with our industry partners to identify and solve a number of defense challenges with IoT use cases.”

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