Secure Data-at-Rest Server Solution Introduced

The solution uses Cubic’s M3-SE-VSVR5-P server module and MEMKOR self-encrypting drives to deliver Secure Data-At-Rest capabilities to the tactical edge By DA Staff / 01 Sep 2022
Cubic Corporation SDAR
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Cubic Corporation and Cubic Mission and Performance Solutions (CMPS), in collaboration with MEMKOR, have tested and validated the M3-SE-VSVR5-P hardware by demonstrating Secure Data-At-Rest (SDAR) using MEMKOR Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs).

“It has always been a challenge to achieve SDAR with the possibility of being disconnected from the enterprise network and centralized Key Management Server (KMS),” said Anthony Verna, senior vice president and general manager of Cubic Edge Compute & Networking Business Unit. “Now that SDAR is a new Department of Defense requirement, we are pleased with the Cubic partnership with MEMKOR, and our M3-SE-VSVR5-P product ensures the data is fully secured and encrypted. Cubic is the only Edge Compute and Networking manufacturer in the industry with a proven ability to achieve SDAR with a hyper-converged virtual infrastructure while being disconnected from the enterprise network.”

SDAR capabilities are often dependent on centralized KMSs to access secure data stored on field-deployed servers. Accessing the centralized KMS to decrypt data in the field requires additional communications equipment that increases deployment weight and the radio frequency footprint of the mission, which in turn adds to the risk of detection by the enemy.

Cubic’s M3-SE-VSVR5-P, combined with MEMKOR Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs), removes the need to communicate with the centralized KMS because keys are safely secured within the server. Data stored on the M3-SE-VSVR5-P is protected from unauthorized access or modification that result from theft, loss, or repurposing of drives. 

The M3-SE-VSVR5-P high-powered computer platform, with 16 physical cores and up to 128 GB of RAM, is designed to support multiple virtual machines in a single small form factor module. An integrated enterprise-grade Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) controller servicing 10 bays of Solid-State Disc (SSD) drives means the M3-SE-VSVR5-P is compatible with commercially available hypervisors and hyper-converged solutions such as VMware ESXi and vSAN applications, as well as Redhat Linux. The platform known to provide virtual environment capabilities in a cost-effective modular solution will now deliver proven and secure data-at-rest capabilities. 

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