Saab’s MSHORAD Excels in Live Firing Demonstration

The company successfully showcased the first live firing of its Mobile Short-Range Air Defense (MSHORAD) system in front of an international audience By DA Staff / 29 Sep 2022
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On August 30, 2022, Saab conducted five live firings of its MSHORAD from the RBS 70 NG Mobile Firing Unit mounted on a MARS-S330 vehicle in Karlskoga, Sweden in the presence of prospective customers from 15 countries.

A diverse range of targets such as an elevated helicopter airframe and a drone were deployed to display MSHORAD’s capabilities. The weapon system demonstrated its ability to swiftly identify, track and destroy multiple air threats. 

Saab’s MSHORAD also demonstrated its versatility with the vehicle-mounted sight removed and rearranged as a man-portable firing unit. It also presented its night warfare capabilities by successfully firing at a towed target in the dark. 

Stefan Öberg, head of Saab’s business unit Missile Systems, said at the conclusion of the live firings: “These successful firings prove that we have a fully operable mobile air defense solution. These firings highlight the value of a single supplier being able to deliver everything from radar to the firing unit, including a GBAD C2 solution. The combination of our Giraffe 1X radar and the RBS 70 NG Mobile Firing Unit is the perfect match for a solution with first-class range, altitude coverage and detection.”

Saab designed the MSHORAD to counter the emergence of advanced airborne weapons such as drones and unmanned aerial vehicles in modern warfare. 

This defense system includes the Mobile Radar Unit and the Mobile Firing Unit,  based on the Giraffe 1X radar and the RBS 70 NG respectively. All the units are connected with the Ground Based Air Defense (GBAD) Command and Control (C2) system. 

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