New Saab UK Partnership for Mobile Camouflage System Growth

Saab’s Barracuda MCS is a camouflage solution developed to increase the survivability and force protection of armed forces by minimising the signature to hostile sensors of the vehicles By Abi Wylie / 27 Feb 2024
Saab UK Partners with Abbey Group to Expand Growth
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Saab UK has partnered with Abbey Group to manufacture parts of Barracuda Mobile Camouflage System (MCS) for the first time in the UK.

Saab’s Barracuda MCS is a camouflage solution developed to increase the survivability and force protection of armed forces around the world. 

This is done by minimizing the signature to hostile sensors of the camouflaged vehicles including tanks, armored personnel carriers and trucks. Barracuda MCS units produced with Abbey Group, will be used on the British Army’s Ajax armored fighting vehicles. 

The partnership aims to combine Saab UK’s technology with Abbey Group’s expertise in engineering. This collaboration marks a significant UK milestone for both companies and is set to contribute to the growth of British manufacturing, and global production of Barracuda systems. 

Abbey Group will be responsible for sewing the MCS units together using camouflage material produced in Sweden.

In its commitment to sharing knowledge and technology with its partners, Saab UK has invited staff from Abbey Group to travel to Barracuda’s production facility in Sweden, for training.

Abbey Group’s Barracuda production facility is housed in a part of former ROF Kirkby – Royal Ordnance Filling Factory No.7, a site where some of the Canary Girls, British women employed in munitions production in WW2, were once stationed.

The partnership with Abbey Group follows Saab’s similar production deal with Tulmar in 2022 to produce MCS units near Ontario, Canada. 

Saab UK hosted Maria Eagle, Labour’s Shadow Defence Procurement Minister, on 16th February. Ms Eagle said; “The partnership between Saab UK and Abbey Group is a testament to the strength of British manufacturing. This collaboration brings together the best of Swedish and British capabilities, and supports economic growth. I applaud these companies for their vision and commitment to technological progress in the UK.”

Alex Alderson, Director of Land Systems for Saab UK said; “We’re delighted to have Abbey Group as an important part of our UK team. They will have a key role in manufacturing crucial parts of the Barracuda products sold to the UK market, including MCS for Ajax vehicles. It is important to have a UK-based production partner both for us and our MOD customers.”

Adam Kelly, Managing Director for Abbey Group said; “Our collaboration with Saab UK represents a significant opportunity for our growth, for Liverpool, and broadening our offer to customers.”

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