Saab Australia Delivers CMS Offering to Royal Australian Navy

Saab will install the Australian Combat Management System (AusCMS) onto the Royal Australian Navy’s six different classes of warships in the surface fleet By DA Staff / 15 Sep 2022
Saab Australia Delivers CMS Offering to Royal Australian Navy
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Saab Australia has signed the final stage of the Enterprise Partnering Agreement (EPA) to provide a Combat Management System (CMS) for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN)’s Surface Fleet.

Saab Australia’s Managing Director, Andy Keough said the signing was the culmination of the prior mandate made by Government to nominate Saab as the nation’s sovereign CMS provider to the RAN’s Surface Fleet, and paves the way for the next chapter in the company’s support of the RAN.

“The EPA signing demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the RAN and to the creation of sovereign capability, building on the great work we have already completed for the Commonwealth,” he said.

“It serves as recognition of the strong track record Saab has demonstrated in reliably delivering excellence in CMS capability to the Navy for more than three decades.

“Importantly, it ensures we can continue to evolve the Navy’s capability, create local jobs, and deliver an Australian CMS (AusCMS) that meets the needs of the RAN in an evolving geo-political landscape. 

“As a key part of the Government’s enterprise approach to shipbuilding, realization of the EPA will see Saab’s AusCMS equip up to six classes of warships in the surface fleet, along with developing the Australian Interface for the Hunter and Hobart classes.

“Three decades after a group of Swedish engineers transferred expert command and control capability to Australia, Saab enjoys a long and proud history of developing, delivering and evolving CMS capability for the exacting needs of our RAN, and the protection of Australia.

“During the last thirty-four years, Saab has forged a strong partnership with the RAN and we look forward to this enduring partnership continuing for decades to come in delivering a sovereign CMS capability.”

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