Ruggedized, Cat6, IP68 Cable Assemblies Released

MilesTek’s cable assemblies feature SF/UTP cable with 24-gauge wire that is double-shielded with foil and braid to prevent crosstalk and provide EMI/RFI protection and ample grounding By DA Staff / 17 Nov 2021
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MilesTek has released a series of ruggedized, Cat6-rated, IP68 cable assemblies with metal connectors. Available in various lengths and connector options, they are designed for military, industrial, government and broadcast applications.

These new assemblies feature SF/UTP cable with 24-gauge wire that is double-shielded with foil and braid. This prevents crosstalk and provides EMI/RFI protection and ample grounding. 

The cables’ FR-TPE jacket will survive harsh environments that involve rain, UV rays, oil, chemicals and weld spatter and its UL CMX flame rating means users will not have to choose between rugged performance and a verified burn rating. Additionally, the cable is high-flex rated, with a continuous-motion capability of up to 10 million cycles.

The metal connectors used on the assemblies are crush-resistant and IP68-rated, meaning they are waterproof and dust-tight, and the jack versions are sealed even without a dust cap. Their electroless nickel plating is RoHS compliant. 

“We designed these new cables to address connectivity applications located in extreme, harsh environments,” said Dustin Guttadauro, Product Line Manager.

“Previously, these types of cables would have needed to be ordered as custom assemblies with long lead times. Now we offer a multitude of configuration options for these new IP68-rated, Cat6 cables off-the-shelf to meet our customers’ urgent needs.”

Available configurations include plug to plug, jack to jack, plug to jack, plug to standard RJ45, and jack to standard RJ45.

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