Royal Jordanian Air Force Purchases Bell 505s for Rotary-Wing Training

The contract between the Royal Jordanian Air Force and Bell Textron also includes delivery of a flight training device and a computer-based training package By DA Staff / 03 Nov 2022
Bell-RJAF Ceremony
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The Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) has signed an agreement with Bell Textron to purchase 10 Bell 505 helicopters for rotary-wing training. 

The contract, signed at the Special Operations Forces Exhibition & Conference (SOFEX) in Aqaba, Jordan, also includes delivery of a flight training device and a comprehensive computer-based training package to enable an enhanced approach to basic and advanced rotorcraft flight training at the King Hussein Air College in Mafraq, Jordan.

“It is with profound gratitude to the Royal Jordanian Air Force that we share news of this agreement to purchase the Bell 505s as the new helicopter trainer for the Air Force,” said Patrick Moulay, senior vice president, International Commercial Sales, Bell.

“We are dedicated to the Armed Forces, the Air Force, and the citizens of Jordan and offer our commitment to ensure the best of service,” said Sameer Rehman, managing director, Africa and Middle East, Bell. “The Bell 505 will serve alongside the men and women of the Air Force by playing a critical role in ensuring the operational readiness of its cadets.”

The Bell 505 is a popular aircraft for commercial and military customers alike, offering power, optimal visibility and high-tech Garmin avionics. The company recently celebrated the 400th Bell 505 delivery since its launch in 2017.

“We look forward to adding the Bell 505 aircraft to our fleet and providing our pilots with one of the best possible aircraft for their training,” said Brig. Gen. Mohammad F. Hiyasat, Commander, Royal Jordanian Air Force. “The addition of 10 new aircraft will enable us to further expand our operations in the country, in turn increasing the capabilities of the Royal Jordanian Air Force.”

As one of the most advanced helicopters in its class on the market, details have been considered in the design of the Bell 505, starting with the fully digitally controlled engine, and advanced avionics that reduce pilot workload and maximize safety in a multitude of operational scenarios.

RJAF and Bell training
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