Raytheon Awarded Contract to Develop Missile Tracking Satellites

Raytheon is tasked with designing, developing, and delivering a seven-vehicle missile tracking satellite constellation, which will provide warning, tracking, and targeting of advanced missile threats By Joseph Macey / 06 Mar 2023
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Raytheon Technologies has received a contract worth more than $250 million to design and deliver a seven-vehicle missile tracking satellite constellation, as well as support launch and ground operations by the Space Development Agency.

Once deployed, the low-Earth orbit constellation of networked satellites will become the fifth plane of satellites providing missile warning and tracking for the Department of Defense. The program is said to be a key element of the Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture.

“Developing a resilient and affordable proliferated satellite constellation in low-Earth orbit will improve our ability to track emerging threats like hypersonic missiles,” said Dave Broadbent, president of Space & C2 at Raytheon Intelligence & Space. “Continuing to develop this architecture with SDA and our industry partners will be a high priority for us in the coming months.”

Since acquiring Blue Canyon Technologies and SEAKR Engineering, Raytheon has expanded its space payload and satellite bus capabilities and expertise, becoming a leading provider of space systems to a growing number of programs.

Raytheon will leverage existing designs, available commercial products and common components to reduce technical risk and speed delivery. The seven-vehicle satellite constellation will feature Raytheon’s Wide Field of View overhead persistent sensor, Blue Canyon Technologies’ Saturn-class microsatellite bus, and SEAKR Engineering’s electronics payload.

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