Rapidly Deployable Integrated Antenna & Radio Solution for US Army

Silvus will provide StreamCaster PRISM Precision Integrated Sectorized MIMO antenna radio systems, training, spares, and integrated logistical support for the US Army Sustainment Transport System Line-of-Sight Program By DA Staff / 22 Jun 2023
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New Rapidly Deployable Integrated Antenna & Radio Solution for US Army

The US Army has awarded Silvus Technologies a contract for StreamCaster PRISM Precision Integrated Sectorized MIMO antenna radio systems to support the Sustainment Transport System Line-of-Sight (STS LOS) Program. 

The initial task order from the US Army, which is valued at $5.5 million, includes StreamCaster PRISM Antenna Radio systems, training, spares, and integrated logistical support.

Delivering long-range connectivity in any operational environment, Silvus’ StreamCaster PRISM is a rapidly deployable integrated antenna and radio solution that combines the power of StreamCaster dual band MANET radios (AN/PRC-169v(1)) with high-gain dual band MIMO sector antennas – designed to deliver high data rates over long distances.  

Silvus’ StreamCaster PRISM was selected as the materiel solution for the Army’s STS LOS program for its ability to create a robust and scalable point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and EW resilient mesh network with advanced interference avoidance and cancellation waveform capabilities. In addition, all StreamCaster PRISM systems acquired by the Army will include Silvus’ proprietary Mobile Networked MIMO (MN-MIMO) waveform with Spectrum Dominance features to enable operations in congested and contested environments.        

The Army’s new Sustainment Transport System (STS) will provide an expeditionary, easy to use and secure global data transfer for the logistics community – including logistics, personnel, medical and force protection data – to enable the rapid delivery of the right supplies and personnel to the right locations on the battlefield. STS will modernize and replace the legacy SATCOM and line-of-sight logistics network program, known as the Combat Service Support (CSS) network, to create an easy to deploy network transport system that provides resilient, high-capacity connectivity needed to enable the exchange of critical logistics information worldwide.

“StreamCaster PRISM exemplifies Silvus’ commitment to delivering on the Army’s unified network modernization efforts, providing high bandwidth connectivity for line-of-sight logistics data exchange,” said Mike Kell, Silvus Director of Army Strategic Programs. “Rapidly deployable and with integrated Spectrum Dominance LPI/LPD and AJ capabilities, StreamCaster PRISM provides the Army with a highly mobile and EW-resilient STS LOS communications solution that supports contested logistics sustainment operations in a dynamically changing battlespace.”

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