Radar Interfacing & Processing Solution Adopted for Uncrewed P24 Project

Cambridge Pixel’s SPx Server and SPx Fusion modules are being employed to control the unmanned P24 RIB's radar, carry out plot extraction, target tracking and fusion of radar tracks with AIS tracks By DA Staff / 09 Aug 2022
Uncrewed P24
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Cambridge Pixel’s radar interfacing and processing solution has been adopted by BAE Systems for the Uncrewed P24 project to enable a secure connection between the Combat Management System on board the warship and the off-board sensor systems on the unmanned P24 RIB.

Off-the-shelf SPx Server and SPx Fusion modules are being employed to control the Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV)’s radar, carry out plot extraction, target tracking and fusion of radar tracks with AIS tracks. 

The P24 RIB, designed and built by BAE Systems, is the standard sea boat in use by the Royal Navy. The Uncrewed P24 project’s aim is to extend the reach of the Royal Navy’s warships and reduce sailors’ exposure to danger. 

In addition to its tracking solutions, Cambridge Pixel’s SPx Development Toolkit and Library for developers is being used by BAE Systems in conjunction with Igence Software Ltd, in the development of a next-generation lightweight USV control and overwatch product. 

The team is hoping to create a seamless user experience that will be fully ECDIS compliant, while still providing the additional functionality required by USVs to display radar video and fused track data over a variety of Electronic Navigational Chart standards.   

“BAE Systems is fortunate to be able to leverage the expertise, products and experience of SMEs such as Cambridge Pixel to reduce time to market on leading technology projects like the Uncrewed P24 program,” BAE Systems’ Chief Technologist, Mike Woods said. “The combination of off-the-shelf products and the high level of technical support available makes it much easier for BAE to deliver complex, leading-edge systems to our customers”.

“Igence Software have been involved with this challenging and exciting program since its inception and have enjoyed working with both BAE Systems and Cambridge Pixel,” said Damian Dixon, Principal Engineer.

“We are delighted to be supporting BAE Systems on this prestigious program,” said Cambridge Pixel’s Managing Director, David Johnson, added. “Although we are involved with many USV programs around the world, we are especially pleased to work with BAE, who are one of our longest standing customers, and have always shown a positive approach to SME engagement.”

Cambridge Pixel’s SPx suite of software libraries and applications provide systems integrators with highly flexible, ready-to-run software products for plot extraction, tracking, fusion, radar video distribution and scan conversion. 

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