Powerful Multi-Core Processors for Military & Avionics Industries

Teledyne e2v have introduced their fully-qualified QorIQ T4240 processors with tin-lead (SnPb) finishing, which are able to address extremely compute-intensive application scenarios while taking up only minimal board space By Joseph Macey / 14 May 2021
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To satisfy demands from customers in the military and avionics sectors, Teledyne e2v is now in a unique position to supply fully-qualified QorIQ T4240 processors with tin-lead (SnPb) finishing.

The multi-core T4240 units are able to address extremely compute-intensive application scenarios. Comprising up to 12 dual-threaded PowerArchitecture cores (24 virtual cores) and attaining frequencies of 1.8GHz, these devices deliver elevated levels of performance while taking up only minimal board space.

They feature an extensive range of I/O options – including 10Gbit Ethernet, 1Gbit Ethernet, PCIe, USB, SATA, RapidIO, etc. Thanks to the data path acceleration logic embedded into each T4240, packet classification and processing efficiencies can be boosted significantly. Operational temperatures spanning from -55°C to 125°C are supported.

In addition to the characterisation, screening and qualification of these devices for high-reliability environments (to check they have the necessary robustness, longevity and performance attributes), Teledyne e2v is also supplying the T4240 with a Sn-Pb ball option. This will prove a major advantage in application areas that are not subject to RoHS regulations (such as military systems).

Thanks to a testing environment that is identical to original manufacturer NXP, with the same test equipment, test quality and coverage, the integrity of these reliability-augmented processors is fully assured in both Sn-Pb and lead-free options.

Power consumption is another key aspect that needs to be dealt with, in particular for compute-intensive and resource-constrained applications. Teledyne e2v engineers will enter into in-depth consultation with the customer concerning their specific application. From this, the power budget requirements can be fully understood.

As Thomas Guillemain, Marketing & Business Development Manager at Teledyne e2v Semiconductors, explains, “Teledyne e2v is in a unique position to provide the T4240 to military customers in both Sn-Pb and lead-free options. Qualifying this component after Sn-Pb reballing has proved a major challenge, due to the huge size of the package and the number of balls involved. Our comprehensive qualification steps and inspection procedures have shown that going beyond a standard deballing/reballing process is required to maintain full integrity.

“Thanks to the measures that we have implemented specifically for this component, it is now qualified and available with the highest level of quality and reliability. This differentiates us from competing operations, as we can offer a far superior end product,” said Guillemain.

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