Portable Analyzer Offers Measurement Frequencies up to 44 GHz

With high sensitivity of –160 dBm and measurement accuracy of typically 0.5 dB between 10 MHz and 3 GHz, Rohde & Schwarz’s new Spectrum Rider FPH handheld spectrum analyzer offers class-leading radio frequency performance By DA Staff / 22 Oct 2021
R&S Spectrum Rider FPH
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Rohde & Schwarz has extended its R&S Spectrum Rider FPH family with the introduction of new base models offering measurement frequencies up to 44 GHz, combining the functionality of benchtop instruments and the lightweight portability of a handheld instrument to make high-performance measuring on the go fast and simple.

A new 44 GHz model has been added to the existing R&S FPH models having measurement frequencies from 5 kHz to 6, 13.6, and 26.5 GHz. In addition, three new versions with tracking generators are available with measurement frequencies up to 13.6, 26.5 and 44 GHz.

The R&S Spectrum Rider FPH was the industry’s first handheld spectrum analyzer to deliver solid Radio Frequency (RF) performance for measurements in the field and in the lab. Large buttons and multi-touch gesture screen make it easy to operate, and new higher frequency models allow it to perform a broader range of measurement tasks. With high sensitivity of –160 dBm and measurement accuracy of typically 0.5 dB between 10 MHz and 3 GHz, the R&S Spectrum Rider offers class-leading RF performance. The new models support field applications such as verification of 5G, broadcast, radar, defense and satellite communications links.

Weighing just 3.2 kg for 44 GHz model, the R&S Spectrum Rider is optimised for mobile use. Its battery lasts up to 4.5 hours and the backlit keypad allows users to work in the dark, whilst the non-reflective display supporting a daylight mode for improved readability in direct sunlight.

This handheld spectrum analyzer family boasts a large-format capacitive touchscreen that makes it easy to intuitively adjust settings such as frequency, span and reference level, and to set markers. Plus, large buttons and a practical multifunction wheel facilitate operation with gloves in outdoor environments. The analyzer can be remotely controlled via USB or LAN, and the R&S MobileView app for iOS or Android provides seamless remote control of the device.

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