Paramount Group Introduces New Features for Marauder Armored Vehicle

Latest advancements to the Marauder armored vehicle include updated driver ergonomics systems, universal hull adaptability and increased speed of production By DA Staff / 25 Aug 2022
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Paramount Group has unveiled the new model of its Marauder armored vehicle, the Marauder Mark 2, which boasts new features that the company hopes will offer significant advantages on the battlefield and in asymmetrical warfare.

Paramount Group’s latest advancements to the already rugged, versatile and highly mobile Marauder include the introduction of a universal hull, interchangeable dashboard modules and steering wheel components. These new features enhance crew capability and vehicle performance, while also bolstering manufacturing efficiencies, resulting in increased rates of production and deliveries to customers around the world.

While the Marauder can be configured as an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) or as an infantry combat vehicle through the addition of appropriate weapon systems, the Mark 2 upgrades in the Marauder’s driver interface will dynamically enhance crew capability and vehicle performance during diverse missions such as peacekeeping, border patrol, counter-insurgency or national defense, which can often take place in rugged and remote theaters of operation. 

These latest enhancements will enable the Marauder to be manufactured in either Left or Right-Hand Drive configurations, from the same hull and component sets on the same production line. This will further unlock the ability to convert Left-hand Drive versions of the Marauder to Right-Hand Drive (and vice versa), in under two hours’ time, should operational needs require.

“The Marauder is one of the world’s most iconic and toughest armored vehicles, often described as best suited for an apocalyptic environment. We are very proud of its well-deserved reputation and our latest advancements present significant benefits to its performance, crew capability and the customer,” said Deon Grobler, CEO of Paramount Land Systems.

“Impressive developments in man-machine interfaces often go unnoticed, however the systems which we have incorporated within the new Marauder Mark 2 have made great strides in improving ergonomics, comfort and functionality. The improvements in the Marauder’s operator interfaces will increase usability when operating in rugged conditions, while at the same time reducing driver and crew fatigue, making the platform more comfortable and user-friendly, keeping troops safe and battle ready.”

The multi-role Marauder features double-skin armor, proven and reliable drive lines, and a burst speed of 110 km/hr. It remains fully operational in extreme conditions from -20°C to +50°C and can be deployed with efficiency for both long-range or quick reaction operations. Day/night vision devices and extra sensors can also be fitted to provide 24/7 operability.

The Marauder Mark 2 offers high levels of mine and ballistic protection for its crew of two in the front cockpit, and up to eight fully equipped soldiers in the rear. The vehicle hosts an Improvised Explosive Device (IED)- and mine-protected double-skinned monocoque hull, with significant ground clearance, giving the Marauder exceptional off-road mobility and crew protection. 

The vehicle is further equipped with specially designed anti-blast seats, which help to prevent injury from the extreme acceleration of a side blast or mine blast under the hull. The Marauder can also be airlifted with little preparation.

First launched at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi in February 2007, Paramount Group has since supplied Marauders to its partners and sovereign governments around the world. The advancements incorporated within the Mark 2 edition of the vehicle will result in faster rates of production and deliveries to the company’s future customers worldwide.

“In keeping with our 27-year track record of manufacturing innovative solutions to optimizing our customers’ response capabilities to the threats faced in Africa and around the world, we are also pleased to report that we have today increased our own speed of production. We can now manufacture vehicles for stock purposes as opposed to manufacturing based on customer orders, delivering faster solutions for those partners with urgent demands, whether they are operating right or left-hand drive vehicles,” Grobler concluded.

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