Order Placed for Extreme Off-Road UGVs

Oshkosh Defense has received a $40M order for its ROGUE-Fires UGVs, which leverage the JLTV’s extreme off-road mobility and payload capacity and Oshkosh’s advanced vehicle tech By Abi Wylie / 01 May 2024
Order Placed for Extreme Off-Road UGVs
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Oshkosh Defense LLC has been awarded an additional delivery order valued at $40 million for the procurement of Remotely Operated Ground Unit for Expeditionary Fires (ROGUE-Fires) to be used in the Navy/Marine Expeditionary Ship Interdiction System. 

Oshkosh will showcase ROGUE-Fires at Modern Day Marine (Booth #1915) in Washington, D.C., from April 30th – May 2nd.

Developed for the U.S. Marine Corps, ROGUE-Fires is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that leverages the JLTV’s extreme off-road mobility and payload capacity and Oshkosh’s advanced vehicle technologies to support Ground-Based Anti-Ship Missile (GBASM) operations. 

Designed to operate in both teleoperated and leader/follower modes, ROGUE-Fires serves as a versatile launcher platform capable of handling various weapon payloads. In October 2023, Oshkosh announced the contract to begin low-rate initial production from the Marine Corps Systems Command.

Oshkosh Defense leadership is currently available to discuss ROGUE-Fires and the company’s entire portfolio of vehicles, mobility systems, and leading-edge technologies at Modern Day Marine in booth #1915 (April 30th — May 2nd, 2024).

Pat Williams, Chief Programs Officer at Oshkosh Defense, said; “Today’s award underscores the continued success of the ROGUE-Fires program and Oshkosh’s unwavering commitment to working hand in hand with the Marine Corps, understanding their mission requirements, and equipping our Marines with unparalleled warfighting capabilities. 

“The versatile ROGUE-Fires platform we are displaying at Modern Day Marine for the first time, harnesses cutting-edge technologies and facilitates seamless integration of a multitude of weapon systems. This platform will fulfill diverse mission needs for many years to come.”

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