Next Generation Precision Fire Control Electro-Optical Tracking Director Launched

The Sea Eagle FCEO MKII by Chess Dynamics enhances situational awareness, while maintaining relative positional awareness, for persistent target tracking and gunnery fire control By Sarah Simpson / 16 Sep 2021
Next Generation Precision Fire Control Electro-Optical Tracking Director
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British surveillance, tracking and gunfire control specialist Chess Dynamics has announced the launch of Sea Eagle FCEO MKII at Sea Air Space in Maryland, USA. The next generation precision fire control electro-optical tracking director incorporates a mega-pixel panoramic situational awareness camera and fully digital architecture.

Building on the success of the Sea Eagle family of naval electro-optical systems, the Sea Eagle FCEO MKII has been optimised for the control of naval guns against air, surface and shore targets. In addition, the capability serves as a critical aid for security and search and rescue as well as infrared search and track (IRST), navigation and aircraft control. It can also be used in mine avoidance in non-tactical surveillance mode.

The stabilised and compact director benefits from a modular and all-weather design for harsh marine environments which reduces maintenance costs and improves reliability throughout the capability’s service life.

Key Features:
• Modular HD IR and DLTV cameras
• Full digital architecture
• Ethernet interface
• High bandwidth brushless direct drive motion control
• Gyro-stabilized
• Integrated Mega-pixel situational awareness camera
• Integrated dual channel digital video tracker
• 10Hz Laser Range Finder (LRF)
• Camera wipers for all weather operations
• Low maintenance
• High reliability, long service life
• Light weight
• Low power consumption

Graham Beall, Head of Business Development USA at Chess Dynamics, said: “Persistent situational awareness, visual target tracking and gunnery fire control has never been more essential in modern naval warfare. The Sea Eagle FCEO MKII incorporates the latest digital infrastructure and situational awareness cameras to deliver high resolution imagery and superior performance, both day and night. The capability’s integrated targeting, awareness and gunnery director makes the Sea Eagle FCEO MKII an essential tool for target identification and engagement in tactical mode.”

The Sea Eagle FCEO MKII will be available globally in 2022

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