Next Generation 5G Tactical and MUM-T Communications Launched at DSEI

Blu Wireless has launched PhantomBlu a mmWave radio network device with omnidirectional coverage, multi-gigabit connectivity and low probability of detection (LPD) for mission communications By Sarah Simpson / 13 Sep 2023
Next Generation 5G Tactical and MUM-T Communications Launched at DSEI
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Blu Wireless has announced PhantomBlu, a fully integrated LPD V-Band radio node which delivers 360° beamformed communications coverage.

The dynamic mesh networking capabilities of PhantomBlu, which enables point-to-point and multipoint connectivity and multi-gigabit data rates on land and at sea, will be showcased by Blu Wireless at DSEI 2023.

Uniquely, PhantomBlu features 4 fully integrated radio units which provide 360° communications coverage and multi-gigabit connectivity, housed in one hardware platform that is extremely easy to set up and operate. It is the first tactical radio with this level of integration on the market,” comments Dr. David Purle, Chief Operating Officer, Blu Wireless.

Military networks require resilient connectivity across varying distances that can process tens of gigabits of ISR, C2 and sensor data efficiently and covertly. Previously, high bandwidth sensor data and video overwhelmed networking at the tactical edge, making anything other than voice and image files communication between command posts and military personnel on the battlefield difficult.

Blu Wireless’ PhantomBlu has been designed to deliver ultra-fast data rates, with 100 Mbits per second for line-of-sight distances and gigabit speeds at close-in range to the node.

Mesh networks deployed by PhantomBlu provide low probability of detection (LPD) and low probability of intercept (LPI). For ground forces, PhantomBlu enables a stealthy convoy bubble between tactical vehicles on the ground.

We are delighted to be able to demonstrate the depth of our capabilities at DSEI with PhantomBlu. This next generation product presents a significant milestone in our ability to meet the requirements for stealthy, high-performance communications networks. We believe PhantomBlu will provide an advantage also through the ease of set up and flexibility – it only requires an ethernet interface,” said Macy Summers, President and CEO, Blu Wireless Inc.

To accompany PhantomBlu, Blu Wireless has developed mesh networking software that facilitates both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity for seamless mobility support without a single point of failure.

This feature is critical for near-peer tactical operations – multiple strikes on a vehicle convoy or formation will not disable the local network. The dynamic mesh networking will enable autonomous, self-healing connections between any point without manual intervention. Mesh’s ‘daisy-chaining’ feature also facilitates connections beyond the originator’s line-of-sight, facilitating both airborne drone and terrestrial relays.

While PhantomBlu currently operates within V-Band spectrum, Blu Wireless is working to add functionality with W-Band transceivers to support even longer range, frequency diversity and increased data rate. Moreover, there is room for significant network application development due to its state-of-the-art Network Processing Unit (NPU) and operational compatibility with IEEE 6G standards.

Visit Blu Wireless at DSEI at stand H1-436, situated in the Future Tech Hub.

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