New Virtual Training System Improves Marksmanship Skills

InVeris Training Solutions’ 100C Marksmanship features basic to expert-level courses of fire, state-specific courseware and provides detailed analytical shooting fundamentals feedback By DA Staff / 13 Sep 2022
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InVeris 100C Marksmanship
InVeris training experts teaching basic marksmanship to Buford Marines recruits. Image courtesy of InVeris.

InVeris Training Solutions has launched the 100C Marksmanship, a projection-based virtual training system that creates a realistic environment for trainees to hone their marksmanship skills with advanced performance analytics.

Featuring basic to expert-level courses of fire, state-specific courseware and providing detailed analytical shooting fundamentals feedback, such as grip, sight alignment and picture, trigger control, and recoil management, the 100C Marksmanship helps ensure weapons-handling requirements are consistently met by the trainee.

Additionally, InVeris subject matter experts are available for consultation and development of custom courses of fire to aid instructors in maximizing trainee skills to meet current or future qualification doctrine.

“The 100C delivers the precision training capabilities needed to quickly improve the performance of all shooters, regardless of skill level,” said Joseph Hall, InVeris Training Subject Matter Expert, Former USAMU, USAR team member, and winner of the 2016 National Matches. “The system supports basic firearms training as well as advanced marksmanship drills to identify shooting deficiencies by providing in-depth diagnostics for both pistols and rifles.”

The system comes in a case, the size of a range bag, making it easy to transport, set up, and practice almost anywhere. It supports InVeris Training Solution’s BlueFire simulated weapons that deliver a high level of fidelity and realism; laser insert weapons are also supported.  

“The 100C-Marksmanship uses a premium ballistically-accurate library to deliver the best simulated range environment available to law enforcement,” said Robert Beliles, Chief Product Officer, InVeris Training. “The system dramatically improves preparedness to perform at a live range while its portability, ‘free’ virtual ammunition, and price point reduces the cost of training.” 

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