New Tactical Vehicles for German Special Forces

Defenture will deliver a maximum of 80 Mammoth vehicles for the German Kommando Spezialkräfte equipped with shot detection systems, radios, long and short range EO, weapon mounts and internal communication systems By DA Staff / 18 Aug 2021
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Defenture has been awarded a contract to develop and produce tactical vehicles for the German Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK, Special Forces Command) of the Bundeswehr.  

The KSK requires a mobility platform for various operations dedicated and fully developed for specific military end users. The chosen platform is the Defenture Mammoth, a 9 ton vehicle based on the proven GRF 5.12 platform. 

The GRF 5.12 chassis is based on the Defenture Modular Design Principle (DMDP) which can be configured into a mission ready variant in the range of a gross vehicle weight of 3 to 10 tons. The DMDP allows users to achieve the highest level of family formation of vehicle fleets which also contributes to interoperability between user nations. 

The programs AGF 2 (Medium Special Forces Reconnaissance and Combat Vehicle) and UFK (Medium Tactical Special Forces Support Vehicle) comprise of the delivery of four prototype vehicles in various configurations. 

Each platform will be equipped with various systems, such as shot detection systems, radios, long and short range EO, weapon mounts and internal communication systems. 

In close collaboration with industry partners and the Kommando Spezialkräfte, Defenture will design the four vehicles with all the required systems and will provide service, support and training throughout the complete lifetime of the vehicles. Based on thorough end user testing, final configurations will be the start of the assembly of a complete series, comprising of a maximum of 80 vehicles.

“Developing and building these vehicles for the German Special Forces is a recognition of all the energy Defenture has put into developing the best vehicle for these specialists over the past years,” said Henk van der Scheer, CEO Defenture.

“We look forward to the close cooperation with the Kommando Spezialkräfte, the BAAINBw and our international industry partners.”

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