New Smart Vision EO/IR Tech Unveiled

CONTROP's Smart Vision technology suite is driven by Edge AI and smart algorithms enhancing the level of autonomy and automation in multi-domain surveillance and reconnaissance missions By Joseph Macey / 15 Sep 2023
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CONTROP Precision Technologies has unveiled Smart Vision at the DSEI 2023 exhibition in London.

Warfighting technologies are evolving and creating new battle landscapes with smart and elusive enemies. Increasingly, more and more surveillance systems are generating 24\7 data flows from a variety of sensors to command and control centers, creating unprecedented data workloads, making it nearly impossible for the operators to conduct successful missions when confronting these massive data workloads.

CONTROP is showcasing Smart Vision technology at DSEI 2023 as part of its vision to push the boundaries of its EO\IR surveillance technologies forward.

Smart Vision is a suite of technology for EO/IR applications driven by Edge AI and smart algorithms enhancing the level of autonomy and automation for multi-domain surveillance and reconnaissance missions providing a faster, smarter and more precise detection, investigation, and classification processes aimed to reduce operator’s workload.

‘Smart Vision’ Technologies:

  • Edge AI: Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) and Video Motion Detection (VMD) capabilities
  • Smart Algorithms: Tracking, Persistent Surveillance, enhanced Image Processing (such as turbulence mitigation, colored TI and SWIR),

Smart Vision operational benefits:

  • Agile solution for various operational challenges
  • Quick target acquisition and tracking
  • Shortening sensor to shooter cycle
  • Decision making support
  • Reducing operator’s- workload
  • Persistent Surveillance enhanced by VMD & ATR
  • Enhanced Image Processing

Hagay Azani, CONTROP CEO, said: “At DSEI 2023 Controp will present its vast and impressive portfolio at the forefront of EO\IR High-end Technology. Controp is an innovative and agile company, always ahead of the market with its unique EO\IR solutions. We are driven by the question of how to turn the visual information coming out of our best-in-class systems into unique operational value. Today, our customers want the systems to tell them the story and not to look for the story by themselves. This is exactly what we do with our ‘smart’ layer called ‘Smart Vision’. This is a suite of technology driven by edge AI & smart algorithms enhancing the level of autonomy & automation for a variety of surveillance & reconnaissance missions.”

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