New SEMA MK-II Recoverable Training Targets offer Unrivalled Acoustic and Kinematic Performances

French Navy take delivery of two new training targets from RTSYS, strengthening crews training capabilities in Anti-Submarine Warfare By Joseph Macey / 30 Nov 2020
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A SEMA MK-II training target installed on a French Navy’s FREEM frigate (RTSYS picture)

Two new training targets SEMA-MKII have been delivered to the French Navy, bringing the number of units on duty within this Navy to six. A further two training targets are planned to be delivered in early 2021.

These new SEMA MK-II targets strengthen crews training capabilities in Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) by offering acoustic signature simulation of a submarine, and respond to latest-generation LFA1 sonars and homing torpedo heads, putting crew at the heart of operational scenarios by surprising it with kinematic escapes.

More compact than the Mark I, SEMA MK-II weighs 33 kilograms and measures 2.13 meters long. It offers unrivalled acoustic and kinematic performances while keeping the strong skills of a light target easy to deploy and recover from any kind of watercraft (from RHIB to frigate).

SEMA MK-II can navigate down to 300 meters depth during 10 hours at 4 knots (1.5 hours at 15 knots) thanks to its secured battery, high-capacity and easily rechargeable on board. Navigation skills combined with GPS repositioning also offer optimal and increased surface localization conditions at the end of the mission.

Various improvements have been qualified on this new standard such as safety of use, safety in transport and on board (UN38.3 air transport compliance), data security, UHF surface localization module, escape capability, or functionalities of the new user-friendly and intuitive HMI.

SEMA MK-II’s modular section design allow to respond to customers specific needs such as adapted buoyancy for freshwater training, MAD antenna, or spare battery section for instant reconditioning.

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