New Night Vision Sensors for Finish CV9030 Fleet

Senop will develop the reserve sight and barrel camera for the Finnish CV9030 infantry fighting vehicles as part of the fleet’s mid-life extension By DA Staff / 08 Oct 2021
Finnish CV9030
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Senop Oy has received an order for the development of night vision sensors for Finland’s CV9030 Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Earlier this year, the Finnish Ministry of Defense announced that the CV9030 fleet will be upgraded in the coming years, and this order is part of the mid-life extension. 

The value of the order is significant, and the deliveries will take place over several years. Senop is responsible for the development of the reserve sight and barrel camera.

“With the order, Senop’s product portfolio will grow with two new products, which will also open up completely new business opportunities in the future,” said Aki Korhonen, Managing Director of Senop. 

“This order shows that we have the know-how and competence to develop and manufacture sensors for heavy military vehicles, such as main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.” 

Korhonen emphasizes that this development work will be done in close cooperation with the Finnish CV9030 end users.

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