New Multi-Purpose Support Ship Design Unveiled

Damen Shipyards Group's Multi-Purpose Support Ship (MPSS) is able to remain at sea for periods of at least 45 days and can be applied to duties including managing drones, conducting amphibious support, and emergency/disaster relief By Joseph Macey / 13 Mar 2024
New Multi-Purpose Support Ship Design Unveiled
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Damen Shipyards Group has revealed a new ship design as a solution for the increasing use of drone technology in combat and surveillance.

The Multi-Purpose Support Ship (MPSS) has been co-developed with the Portuguese Navy and is designed to fulfill a wide range of additional tasks, including auxiliary roles, in addition to its primary function.

Damen has begun construction of the first vessel of this new design. The MPSS range, featuring 7000 and 9000 ton versions, combines the vision of the Portuguese Navy, with Damen’s shipbuilding, using standardized solutions wherever possible. As a result, the vessel can be constructed quickly and offers a reliable, cost-effective platform.

While the electrical, communication and navigation equipment installed on the MPSS will be military class equipment, the vessel will also use commercial off the shelf technology. This includes, for example, the mission specific equipment modules, by which the vessel achieves its multi-functional capability.

In this way, when not required to perform its primary function, the MPSS can be applied to a wide range of duties including managing drones (air, sea, and sub-sea), conducting amphibious support, emergency/disaster relief, search & rescue, diving support, performing submarine rescue operations and helicopter operations.

The MPSS 7000 is 107 x 20 meters. It is foreseen that it will be operated by a crew of 48 personnel, with additional facilities for up to 100 special personnel and extra, temporary, accommodation for 42 persons, for example in the event of a disaster relief operation. The MPSS 9000 is 130x 20 meters and is able to conduct even more operations.

As a result of its modular approach, the vessel could be utilized year-round and is also easy to maintain. The MPSS Series can remain at sea for periods of at least 45 days. All these factors contribute to the vessel’s overall value, significantly increasing uptime.

Piet van Rooij, Commercial Manager of Damen’s Defence and Security department, said; “The MPSS range is a response to the increasing use of drone technology that we see in modern combat and surveillance situations. We could see that such capabilities would be of growing importance for countries looking to sustain their sovereignty. At the same time, this is a multi-purpose vessel that can be applied to a wide range of additional operations, thereby offering value for taxpayer’s money. This theme is further developed using commercial off the shelf technology, which ensures the cost-effective construction of a reliable platform. We’re very much looking forward to showcasing this new vessel, including at exhibitions, in the coming months.”

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