New Mixed Reality Situational Awareness Technology for Armored Vehicles 

The Vegvisir system provides armored vehicle personnel with ‘through the wall’ 360-degree visibility of the battlefield By DA Staff / 26 Apr 2022
Vegvisir Mixed Reality Situational Awareness System
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Paramount Land Systems has signed a strategic Letter of Intent (LOI) with the Estonian-Croatian defense company, Defensphere OU, to collaborate in the development, installation and global marketing of the Vegvisir Mixed Reality Situational Awareness System (XRSAS).

Designed as an entirely original situational awareness system, Vegvisir provides armored vehicle personnel with ‘through the wall’ 360-degree visibility of the battlefield. Its mission computer oversees the technology’s innovative videographic systems, its four layers of sensor systems and its algorithms in synthesizing camera imaging entirely external to the vehicle. 

The proprietary mil-spec video headset is used to provide a Mixed-Reality (XR) overview of activities in the immediate periphery of any land vehicle and also of objects of interest which may be significantly further away.

“In 2022-era austere environments of conflict, today taking place both external to and within any given country’s borders, there is an increasing demand for outstanding levels of situational awareness on the battlefield,” said Deon Grobler, Chief Executive Officer of Paramount Land Systems. “It is critical for crewmembers carrying out myriad of assignments such as reconnaissance, border patrol and peacekeeping, the ability to observe, orient, decide and engage in time-sensitive scenarios with greater efficiency and mission survivability than ever before.”

“Our mission to ensure that Paramount’s land vehicles showcase world-beating technological prowess knows no limitation. Our partnership with Defensphere OU furthers our 27-year legacy and commitment to offering perpetual innovation and highly customized solutions for our partners around the world,” Grobler added.

Vegvisir is being developed in line with NATO military standards and is also being integrated within other platforms used on the battlefield, including Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), stand-alone sensors, and battlefield management systems. The Vegvisir system also has the potential to be used for training activities and simulations for mechanized infantry.

“Vegvisir and technologies like it offer today critical actionable intelligence to help decision makers on and off the field of combat to have all the information and understanding that they would need to reach sound conclusions, those often executed on-the-fly,” Ingvar Pärnamäe, Chief Executive Officer of Defensphere OU, said. “We are pleased to partner with Paramount Group in deploying our situational awareness and sighting technology within its fleet of advanced armored land vehicles.”

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