New Rapidly Deployable Optionally Lethal Drone for Harsh Battlefield Conditions

Teledyne's Rogue 1, with a range of over six miles and reaching speeds of more than 70mph, is a optionally-lethal VTOL sUAS that enables warfighters to conduct precision-strikes against moving and stationary targets By Joseph Macey / 08 May 2024
Teledyne FLIR Defense unveils Rogue 1 loitering munition system at SOF Week
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Teledyne FLIR Defense has revealed its next-gen rapidly deployable and optionally lethal loitering munition system at Special Operations Forces (SOF) Week convention in Tampa.

Rogue 1 is a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) that enables warfighters to conduct precision-strikes against moving and stationary armored targets, soft-skinned vehicles, and dismounted threats.

An advanced fuzing system on Rogue 1 features a first-of-its-kind mechanical interrupt that allows the aircraft to be safely recovered and reused when targets are disengaged or missions are aborted.

Rogue 1 also features advanced electro-optical and FLIR Boson® 640+ thermal cameras to deliver day/night long-range reconnaissance and surveillance. Plus, a novel coupling between sensors and warhead in the gimballed payload enables extremely precise targeting.

Operators can attach modular, mission-specific payloads with lethal effects designed for distinct target types. Users can choose from Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP), Forward Fragmenting, or non-lethal Trainer payload options.

With a 30-minute flight time, burst speeds of more than 70mph (113 kph), and range greater than six miles (10km), the lightweight Rogue 1 was developed for today’s harsh battlefield conditions, including communication- and GPS-denied environments.

Rogue 1 performs beyond the range and capabilities of existing organic weapon systems, while minimizing collateral damage and maximizing standoff.

JihFen Lei, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Teledyne FLIR Defense, said; “The new Rogue 1 gives warfighters the versatility, survivability and lethality demanded by the modern battlespace. With its unique ability to be recovered and reused when targeting conditions change, this innovative platform also offers military forces greater economy and flexibility.

“Rogue 1 leverages our decades of expertise developing combat-proven drone technology and complements our global UAS portfolio – from the Black Hornet nano-drone to our SkyRaider and SkyRanger quadcopters to our StormCaster sensor and targeting payloads.

“Customers and potential users have been awe-struck by Rogue 1’s performance, and we’re confident it will deliver a meaningful edge to troops on the frontlines,” Lei added.

Visit Teledyne FLIR Defense at SOF Week at Booth 1020 to see the new Rogue 1.

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