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New Integrated Avionics System for Indonesian Air Force C-130H Aircraft

Eleven C-130 aircraft will be upgraded with Collins Aerospace’s Flight2 digital cockpit, which delivers a cost-effective, low-risk Communications Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management upgrade solution By DA Staff / 04 Nov 2022
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Collins Aerospace and PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) have signed an agreement to modernize the Indonesian Air Force C-130 military transport aircraft with Collins’ Flight2 aftermarket avionics solution.

As part of the Indonesian Air Force’s Phase 2 rollout plan, eleven C-130 aircraft will be upgraded with the Flight2 digital cockpit, which delivers a cost-effective, low-risk Communications Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) upgrade solution.

Flight2 transforms a federated analog system into a modern digital glass cockpit. With its advanced displays and integrated military/civil flight management system, Flight2 delivers advanced capabilities including required navigation performance, area navigation flight management system with high altitude release point, and computed air release point precision airdrop software. 

“Modernizing to the Flight2 system provides the Indonesian Air Force with a suite of communications, navigation and surveillance equipment seamlessly integrates new-generation avionics with legacy sensors, radios, autopilot and aircraft systems that will increase operational and mission efficiency,” said Martin Hoare, Director, Global Business Development, Military Avionics & Helicopters. “Included in the avionics upgrade is a full glass cockpit with new primary flight displays that provides commonality to many other C-130 users as well as commercial aircraft.”

As part of the upgrade, Collins will leverage its Flight2 Mobility Mission Application (MMA) architecture, which allows customers to select from a super set of off-the-shelf capabilities. Customers using the MMA architecture can tailor the system to meet specific mission requirements, comply with regional CNS/ATM mandates, or simply to maximize capabilities for a given budget.

By upgrading to Flight2, the Indonesian Air Force’s C-130H will be in compliance with the most recent International Civil Aviation Organization standards, while also equipping it with a tactical advantage in military operations.

“This collaboration shows PTDI’s readiness to implement the work of the Indonesian Air Force’s C-130 modernization program, especially in the avionics upgrade,” said PTDI’s President Director Gita Amperiawan.

Collins Aerospace has delivered over 1,100 Flight2 solutions for military fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, including the KC-135, KC-10, C-130 P-3, C-2A, E-2C and E-3. Collins has also delivered or is on contract for 370 C-130s upgrades in 16 different countries. 

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