New Infrared Detection System Provides 360-Degree Protection for Aerial Platforms

With six sensors, the new infrared detection system from HENSOLDT consists of a central computer and an imaging unit, with 360-degree protection for flying platforms By Joseph Macey / 11 Jun 2024
New Infrared Detection System Provides 360-Degree Protection
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HENSOLDT has unveiled a new multifunctional infrared detection system developed for flying platforms.

The system consists of a central computer and an imaging unit, works with two-colour infrared technology and enables better warning performance in the area of hazard detection with a long range and low false alarm rate. 

Thanks to the imaging technology approach, hotspot detection and general reconnaissance, the system goes beyond a pure missile warning system. Due to its passive mode of operation, the system itself cannot be detected.  

The system detects and localises threats and offers 360-degree protection with six sensors. The infrared detection system can be integrated platform-independently thanks to its optimised size, weight and performance (SWaP) and cross-sectional development. It is easy to integrate thanks to standardised interfaces and is compatible with countermeasures such as chaff, flares and DIRCM (Directed Infra-Red Counter Measure).

Integration into HENSOLDT’s proven AMPS (Airborne Missile Protection System) provides users with the best possible solution in the field of self-defence systems against surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles.   

Tanya Altmann, Head of the Optronics & Land Solutions Division at HENSOLDT, said; “With the new system, HENSOLDT is expanding its product portfolio in the infrared sector. This gives us the best possible sensor solution for our customers, also in combination with our other self-defence systems.

“Due to its design and performance data, it also meets the high requirements for integration into fighter aircraft. With its long range and low weight, the sensor can also make a critical contribution to the detection of threats and the self-defence of the platform.”  

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