New Data Bus Cybersecurity Devices for MQ-8C Fire Scout UAS

Peraton Labs will mature, adapt and qualify its 1553 Bus Defender product for potential future integration and flight testing on the MQ-8C Fire Scout By DA Staff / 26 Jun 2023
New Data Bus Cybersecurity Devices for MQ-8C Fire Scout UAS
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Peraton Labs has been awarded a contract for engineering, development, production, testing, and evaluation of 1553 data bus cybersecurity Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS) devices for the MQ-8C Fire Scout Unmanned Air System (UAS). 

Under this $9.2 million contract, Peraton Labs will tailor and mature its 1553 Bus Defender solution to meet integration requirements and qualification testing for the MQ-8C Fire Scout. The company will also deliver two fully qualified IDS/IPS prototype kits.

The MQ-8C Fire Scout provides real-time Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), including line-of-sight tactical reconnaissance, classification, targeting and laser designation, and communications relay. Like many fielded warfighting platforms, it utilizes the MIL-STD-1553 bus. According to Peraton Labs, the Bus Defender solution will provide the 1553 data bus with formidable cybersecurity defenses, protecting the MQ-8C Fire Scout from unauthorized access and cyberattacks launched or propagated over the data bus.

“Peraton Labs’ 1553 Bus Defender product line provides lifecycle cyber survivability for platforms and warfighting systems using the 1553 data bus,” said Chris Valentino, Chief Strategy Officer and interim president, Peraton Labs. “We are excited to mature, qualify, and deliver our 1553 Bus Defender solution, which will prevent and mitigate 1553-based cyberattacks on the MQ-8C Fire Scout and enable it to meet its critical mission.”

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