New Armored Land Cruiser Launched by Jankel

The Jankel Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 is designed with a bolt in armor solution, electric systems modularity, and delivers 'best in class' protection, safety, capability and functionality including a protection certified for a third row of seats, allowing for 7 people By Joseph Macey / 08 Dec 2023
New Armored Land Cruiser Launched by Jankel
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Jankel has introduced its new armored Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 vehicle.

Jankel claims the new armored variant of the latest Toyota Land Cruiser 300 model is a “best in class” product.

Delivering unprecedented levels of protection, functionality and reliability, the new Jankel LC300 is reportedly already being sought after by a multitude of global defense ministries and Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s).

Having qualified the LC300 to the latest edition 3 of the international VPAM BRV and ERV (VR7) standards, Jankel has invested to ensure the developed platform provides the very best protection to its UK home market customers and maximises its export potential to the wider international user groups.

Jankel is said to be the first to certify their VR7 vehicle with a 2m side blast in accordance with Edition 3 which uses biofidelic dummies to understand the true impacts to the vehicle occupants. The LC300 has been designed with a bolt in armour solution, electric systems modularity, and unique patented technologies to provide customers with a 10-year service life.

The formal product launch comes as a comprehensive development programme draws to a close. Understanding the requirement to deliver a future-proofed design from the outset inclusive of customer options, Jankel has taken time to develop and test their design with key differentiators, not wishing to rush to enter the market until absolutely ready to do so. As a result, Jankel’s new LC300 delivers ‘best in class’ protection, safety, capability and functionality including a protection certified for a third row of seats, allowing for 7 people.

Andrew Jankel, Chairman at Jankel Group said; “I’m very proud to be able to formally launch our new LC300 – it’s an exciting product that I have every confidence will meet our customers’ ever growing needs and expectations. Our development and testing programme has been careful, exacting and supremely comprehensive, delivering a vehicle that benefits from many years of user feedback leading to detailed and innovative product design. We have not rushed this, we’ve taken our time to get it absolutely right and provide a long lasting differentiated product offering”.

He added; “As well as the more obvious targets of compliance, protection and safety, our new product is also very focused on through-life reliability and maintainability – essential for fleet managers and operators across the globe. We’ve not just aimed at passing the international standard protection tests, we’ve reached beyond that to enhance the overall performance and operability in every way possible. Our combination of production price and service life offer excellent value for money. I’m very pleased indeed with the team’s efforts and obvious results as we now present our new LC300 to the global markets.”

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