New AC-DC Power Supplies for Ground-Based Defense Applications

Aegis’ AP14G02K0282 and AP14G01K2282 offer single phase 85-264Vac input and 28Vdc output, have an IP68 waterproof enclosure, humidity rating up to 95%, and can withstand extreme temperatures By DA Staff / 21 Mar 2023
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Aegis Power Systems has released two new AC-DC power supplies for ground vehicles and other defense applications.

Both the AP14G02K0282 and the AP14G01K2282 offer single phase 85-264Vac input and 28Vdc output and are suitable for harsh environments with IP68 waterproof enclosures, humidity rating up to 95%, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. 

With a power factor of 0.99 at 115Vac, these units are designed to support demanding electrical requirements with high efficiency and conditioning. The AP14G02K0282 offers 2000W power and the AP14G01K2282 offers 1200W, and both units provide good thermal performance through convection cooling, no need for external or internal fans. Removable legs allow users to support benchtop testing or mount directly into a system.

The systems have been tested for MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F for ground applications such as military vehicles, battery chargers, radars, naval equipment, and other similar defense applications.

Both power products are available at production levels or may support initial prototype efforts of various military electronics integrators.

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