Netherlands Offered Expeditionary Submarines

The C718 submarine exceeds the Navy's needs for long-distance operations, sufficient accommodation, crew comfort and increased weapon payload capability By Abi Wylie / 01 Aug 2023
Expeditionary Submarines offered to the Netherlands
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Saab has submitted a proposal for the replacement of Netherland’s current submarines with four advanced Expeditionary Submarines.

The C718 is an advanced Expeditionary Submarine that offers an exceptional level of endurance and exceeds the Royal Netherlands Navy needs for long-distance operations, sufficient accommodation, crew comfort and increased weapon payload capability.

As part of the proposal, Saab offers a proven and integrated weapon launching system and one of the best sensor-systems in the world. Saab’s innovative design features signature solutions to minimize detection by active sonars, all combined in an undetectable and extremely capable submarine.

Saab’s offered solution is based on a successful, future-proof design. C718’s modular composition will allow for new technologies as they evolve, ensuring relevance for many years to come.

The offer is supported by Sweden and the United Kingdom and includes a cooperation with Dutch shipbuilder Damen Shipyards Group, with whom Saab has cooperated since 2015. The offer to build submarines to replace the Dutch Walrus-class is a balanced cooperation between the Netherlands and Sweden.

Knowledge transfer to the Netherlands is a part of the offer; once delivered, the submarines will be fully maintainable by the Royal Netherlands Navy, including upgrades throughout their lifespans.

“The outstanding capabilities of the Expeditionary Submarine C718 meets and exceeds the Dutch needs and requirements long-term. Our offer constitutes a substantial contribution to the operational capability of the Dutch Defence Forces. Cooperation with local industry throughout the programme secures strategic autonomy for the Netherlands. These are Dutch submarines for the Royal Netherlands Navy,” said Mats Wicksell, Senior Vice President and head of Saab’s business area Kockums.

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