Most Read Articles on DA in April 2024

April 2024 saw a number of significant developments published on Defense Advancement in hydrogen fuel cell systems, heavy-fuel rotary engines, and wind sensors By Joseph Macey / 02 May 2024
Most Read Articles on DA in April 2024
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We published nearly 100 articles on in April 2024, covering significant developments across the defense, military and security sectors.

Check out the top five most read articles on Defense Advancement in April 2024:

1. 25-Horsepower Heavy-Fuel Rotary Engine Begins Testing

Testing is underway of LiquidPiston’s fully integrated version of its 25hp XTS-210 heavy-fuel rotary engine.

This milestone follows the successful completion of initial dynamometer testing of the engine core and enables parallel development of products powered by the engine, including a compact man-portable 10kW electric generator being developed under a U.S. Army contract awarded to LiquidPiston.

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2. Honeywell Hydrogen Fuel Cell System to Power U.S. Army Electronic Devices

A hydrogen fuel cell system will be developed by Honeywell to power a number of electronic devices carried by U.S. Army soldiers.

Weighing roughly half as much as commonly used batteries, the system will deliver the same power foot soldiers need. 

The fuel cell will enable a soldier to perform missions without the need to carry multiple heavy batteries or be resupplied regularly.

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3. The Rising Threat of GPS Jamming: Impacts and Solutions

infiniDome explores the latest incidents of GPS jamming, potential sources and the wide-ranging effects. Find out how industries and governments worldwide are responding to mitigate these threats to ensure their navigation capabilities.

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4. Interview with FT Technologies: Developing the World’s Toughest Wind Sensors

FT Technologies speaks to Defense Advancement about the manufacture of the World’s Toughest Wind Sensors; how and why this ruggedized technology is being integrated into military drone platforms.

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5. CUAS High Energy Laser Systems Support for U.S. Army

BlueHalo has been awarded a four-year logistics support contract to provide preventative and corrective maintenance along with operator and maintenance team training for BlueHalo’s P-HEL system.

This newly awarded contract establishes BlueHalo as the full-cycle lead system integrator from prototype development to frontline operations for the P-HEL system.

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