Mobile EV Charging Solutions for Defense Sector

Solus Power is designing a cutting-edge mobile electric vehicle (EV) solution for fleet charging and infrastructure, working alongside QinetiQ to offer sustainable energy applications in the global defense and security industries By William Mackenzie / 29 Apr 2024
Mobile EV Charging Solutions for Defense Sector
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Innovators of electric vehicle (EV) charging, Solus Power is working with global defense and security company QinetiQ to advance EV solutions for fleet charging and infrastructure. 

Solus Power is developing a cutting-edge mobile EV charging solution centered around modular, stackable and easily transported power units, each of which is the size of an attaché case and can be easily deployed and shared between users.

In parallel, QinetiQ has been working with operators in the defense and security industry to understand the challenges, threats and opportunities posed by climate change. One such challenge is how to flexibly charge EVs across diverse locations and infrastructural settings, in some aspects mirroring challenges experienced in high demand civilian applications such as airport parking, car hire management and the general operation of car parks.

The collaboration between the two companies sees QinetiQ supporting Solus Power to understand the needs of defense and security customers globally, in addition to providing their expertise in power sources and electrification. Through the companies’ signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the strategic partnership also aims to meet the specific needs of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). 

Solus Power assert that the collaboration underscores QinetiQ’s ongoing efforts to partner with SMEs and academic institutions to tackle pressing user challenges, including those related to climate change and energy transformation. The focus on mobile EV charging highlights the evolving landscape of defense and security infrastructure, recognizing the importance of sustainable and adaptable energy solutions.

Solus Power CEO, Stas Leonidou, commented; “Solus welcomes the opportunity recognised in this MOU to collaborate with an organisation of QinetiQ’s standing and experience in the defence sector, and with its exceptional record of innovation and solutions development.”

Victoria Doherty, Head of Electrification, QinetiQ, added; “Enabling the flexibility to provide electric power wherever and whenever it is needed underpins future operational advantage. By working across sectors to transfer existing solutions, we will accelerate success in this area.”

In November, Solus Power showcased its technology at QinetiQ’s ‘Understanding Tomorrow’s Sustainability Technology Today’ event, highlighting its potential to contribute to a more sustainable, efficient and flexible energy future for defense operations.

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