Mobile Anti-Drone Defense System Can Identify Aircraft up to 12km Away

The Guard anti-drone defense system can identify an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) within its 360 degree range, detect the location of the UAS control panel, and break the communication channel with the aircraft By DA Staff / 06 Sep 2021
Rostec Anti-Drone Handheld Case
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Rostec State Corporation subsidiary, Ruselectronics Holding, has demonstrated its Guard mobile anti-drone defense system for the first time at the Army-2021 Forum. The anti-drone system is invisible to other radars and resists electronic countermeasures due to the use of passive coherent location technology. 

The Guard radar system can identify an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) within its 360 degree range at a distance of up to 12km. The system is capable of detecting the location of the UAS control panel and breaking the communication channel with the aircraft. 

Complete frequency coverage in the range from 400 to 6,200 MHz used to control the UAS is provided using the Serp subsystem. The suppression system of global satellite systems’ navigation signals is operating concurrently with suppression of UAS control channels.  

Owing to the passive coherent locator, the Guard anti-drone defense system uses signals emitted by external third-party transmitters, such as digital TV broadcasting signals, reflected from the target. Absence of an active locator enables the system to remain invisible to enemy interceptors, significantly lowering the probability of electronic countermeasures. Furthermore, the passive radar does not require authorization for use of radio frequency channels, which makes it convenient for use in the civil sector.  

Accommodated in three handheld cases, the Guard system can be operational in 30 minutes. The Vector Research and Design Institute is developing the Guard system as part of the Vega Group.

“The new system identifies and eliminates intruding drones under the sectoral principle, making it possible to use it for precision suppression of specific intruding drones, as it is distinct from dome systems,” noted CEO of Vega Group, Vyacheslav Mikheev. 

“This is one of key advantages of the Guard, allowing its use at facilities where drones are used to monitor territories, for instance.”

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