LookingGlass to Optimize Threat Hunt Operations for U.S. DoD

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions has received a contract from the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to support efforts to improve the mission effectiveness of U.S. military cyber threat analysts and operators By DA Staff / 15 Jun 2021
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LookingGlass Cyber Solutions has been awarded a five-year contract to provide its threat intelligence and analytics platform for U.S. Department of Defense analysts.

The scoutSuite platform will provide tailored cyber threat intelligence data to enhance the mission effectiveness of U.S. military cybersecurity analysts and operators.

The contract was awarded with a Production-Other Transaction (P-OT) agreement facilitated by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) after the completion of a successful prototype and pilot. 

The P-OT agreement enables other federal agencies to easily leverage the same cyber threat intelligence and analytics suite and services in use at the Department of Defense.

“Delivering an adversarial-oriented perspective in support of threat hunting operations over the past year to our partners across the U.S. federal government was an inspirational and motivating challenge we were excited to tackle,” said Gilman Louie, CEO of LookingGlass.

“We are proud to partner with DIU to accelerate the adoption of commercial technology across the Department of Defense and to strengthen the cybersecurity of the nation.” 

scoutSuite synthesizes vast amounts of global internet data with threat actor capabilities and motivations to provide a robust threat modeling environment that can quickly process, prioritize, and operationalize threat intelligence and indicators of compromise. 

The quantity and quality of data in the platform enables it to support multiple cybersecurity use cases.

The pilot showed that LookingGlass removed analytical obstacles to collaboration and information sharing while enhancing the utilization of commercial cyber data. 

scoutSuite improves collaboration in threat information sharing by providing easy-to-operationalize cyber threat intelligence telemetry and lowering the skill needed to participate in cybersecurity.

The P-OT, finalized in April, was issued based on LookingGlass’ successful completion of its threat modeling environment, threat intelligence, and analytics prototype with DIU.

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