Lockheed Martin Joins JOSCAR Aerospace, Defense & Security Community

Hellios’ JOSCAR will help Lockheed Martin manage and mitigate risk in its supply chain by managing its supplier's data and strengthening ties with industry peers By DA Staff / 23 May 2022
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Lockheed Martin has joined Hellios as the 15th member of the JOSCAR aerospace, defense and security community. As a result, Hellios will help Lockheed Martin manage and mitigate risk in its supply chain by managing its supplier’s data and strengthening ties with industry peers.

Unlike traditional supplier management processes that see organizations having to record and manage vast amounts of individual supplier compliance data, Hellios provides users with a simple dashboard view offering a complete picture of suppliers at any single point in time. 

This new partnership will enable Lockheed Martin to save time and money by reducing the administrative burden of supplier data management, and will provide them with the opportunity to discuss and solve industry-wide supply chain challenges via the active peer community.  

“As part of our commitment to finding ways to make it easier for suppliers to engage and work with us, we’re thrilled to be joining the JOSCAR supply chain community which allows for a single source of supplier compliance information and supports new opportunities for our suppliers,” said Nigel Strutt, UK Director, Supply Chain Policy, Governance and Operations at Lockheed Martin. “Adopting the JOSCAR process as part of our core procurement service will help drive efficiencies into our supply chain management by reducing duplication of supplier requests, online engagement for real-time changes to compliance expectations, and one time entry of assurance information for future proposals for business with Lockheed Martin UK.”

Colin Maund, CEO at Hellios, added, “We are delighted to welcome Lockheed Martin to the JOSCAR community and look forward to equipping them with the insights needed to better manage their supplier risk. They will receive immediate benefit in becoming a member of this thriving community by gaining instant access to the 7,000 suppliers already registered and deemed ‘fit for business’ on the system.”

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