KVH to Deliver Fiber Optic Gyros for Remote Weapons Systems

KVH’s DSP-1750 fiber optic gyro will be used by Spanish defense contractor, Escribano, to stabilize its Guardian 30 remotely controlled turret used on Spanish Army combat vehicles By DA Staff / 19 Aug 2021
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KVH Industries, Inc. has received a $7.9 million Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) order from Spanish defense contractor, Escribano, for its new Guardian 30 remotely controlled turret. 

The Guardian 30 turret has a 30- or 40-millimeter cannon, platform stabilization, and electro-optical sensors to fire the weapon from long ranges. KVH’s DSP-1750 FOG will provide stabilization for the Guardian 30 turret, which was recently chosen by the Spanish Ministry of Defense for the Spanish Army’s VCR 8×8 Dragon wheeled combat vehicle. 

The innovative design of the DSP-1750 makes it easy to integrate into platforms where space and payload weight are at a premium including long-range optical and sensor systems, gimbals, autonomous vehicle navigation, and the stabilization of defense and commercial platforms.

“We are thrilled that Escribano has chosen our fiber optic gyros for this major remote weapons systems program,” says Sean McCormack, senior director of global inertial systems sales for KVH. 

“The DSP-1750 has proven its reliability in a wide range of applications for many years and continues to be the gyro of choice for platforms needing a combination of high performance and compact design.”

Shipments increase annually over the term of the order, with a small portion scheduled for delivery in 2021, the substantial majority of shipments scheduled for delivery after 2022 and to continue through 2025.

“Escribano relies on the precision of KVH fiber optic gyros to ensure our remote weapons systems have the stabilization they need to perform in challenging defense environments,” says Angel Escribano, CEO. 

“We value the collaboration with a worldwide company such as KVH and we look forward to working together to produce the Guardian 30 turrets for the Spanish Army.”

KVH’s FOGs and FOG-based Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) are in use today in a wide variety of applications ranging from optical, antenna, and sensor stabilization systems to mobile mapping solutions and autonomous platforms and cars.

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