Kongsberg Supports Delivery of Air Surveillance Radars to Norway

The Kongsberg scope of delivery includes hardware, software and final assembly and test of the Lockheed Martin TPY-4 radar systems before installation at the radar sites By DA Staff / 21 Nov 2022
New Norwegian Air Surveillance Radars
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Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and Lockheed Martin have signed a contract for Kongsberg to support the delivery of the TPY-4 radar to Norway for the Norwegian Radar Sensor (NORSE) Project to enhance the country’s long-range surveillance capability.

Through this ca 900 MNOK contract, Kongsberg will be a significant partner and subcontractor to Lockheed Martin for the deliveries to the NORSE project. The Kongsberg scope of delivery includes hardware, software and final assembly and test of the TPY-4 radar systems before installation at the radar sites.

“This contract with Lockheed Martin exemplifies the importance of building durable and trusted partnerships to serve both national and international customers,” said President of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, Eirik Lie. “Together we will deliver world class radar technology to the Norwegian Armed Forces. This contract is not only important for Kongsberg but also for our subcontractors in Norway.”

Lockheed Martin’s TPY 4 is an internationally available, transportable, multi-mission radar that can operate in contested RF environments. The fully digital TPY-4 integrates the latest mature commercial technologies to create what Lockheed Martin believes is a revolutionary radar architecture. It can provide flexibility to optimize performance for specific missions, threats, and environments while also providing ease of adaptation to future advanced threats.

“The TPY-4 is a low risk solution for the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, due to the fact that the radar is already in production ahead of the program selection. We are grateful to have been selected to help protect the safety of Norwegians,” said Rick Herodes, Program Management Director of Ground Based Air Surveillance Radars at Lockheed Martin. “Norway joins the US Air Force as our first NATO partner for this franchise radar product, and we look forward to additional international partnerships in the near future.”

“Through this contract, we exploit current, existing technology, ensuring a solid base for this new capability to Norway,” said EVP Integrated Defense Systems, Kjetil Reiten Myhra. “Investments like this also provide opportunities for technological developments in both existing and new areas. We look forward to working with our partner Lockheed Martin, utilizing each other’s strengths, to deliver solutions for tomorrow’s needs.”

In 2018 Lockheed Martin and Kongsberg signed a Teaming Agreement for cooperation on the delivery of TPY-4 radars to international customers.

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