Jankel Delivers Next Generation Counter Terror Assault Vehicle

Jankel has delivered the first order of the Guardian Counter Terror Assault Vehicle-Urban (CTAV-URBAN) that integrates a new version of the Mobile Adjustable Ramp System (MARS) to allow effective operation in tighter spaces By DA Staff / 03 Jun 2021
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Jankel, with the support of Patriot 3, has delivered the first order of its next generation Guardian Counter Terror Assault Vehicle-Urban (CTAV-URBAN) to an undisclosed customer. 

Based on the latest 2020 Ford F-550 platform, the Guardian CTAV-URBAN features a new Mobile Adjustable Ramp System (MARS) from long-standing partners Patriot 3 who work exclusively with Jankel in the UK.

Jankel and Patriot 3 have developed and integrated a new version of the MARS ramp system for Guardian CTAV-URBAN that delivers a narrower, lighter, single ramp, fully hydraulic variant that will allow counter terror teams to effectively operate in tighter spaces and more restricted city environments. 

Retaining the Ford OEM aluminium body, Jankel engineers have developed an armor suite that mounts within the vehicle without compromising structure, rigidity or durability. The integration of the new MARS ramp onto the Guardian CTAV-URBAN includes the option to remove the MARS system if needed, as well as innovative enhancements in platform protection and tactical systems.

The CTAV-URBAN has been fully tested to prove the durability, reliability and maintainability of the vehicle and also to validate the advanced handling and performance characteristics expected of a tactical counter terror assault platform. 

The CTAV-URBAN ladder system has been developed and refined to retain all of the MARS standard functionalities while delivering additional options packaged in a single ramp configuration.

Andrew Jankel, Chairman at Jankel Group said, “We’ve worked with Patriot 3 for many years on a number of successful specialist vehicle-based projects so delivering the first of this next generation Guardian CTAV vehicles to an exceedingly important customer is a continuation of an already strong partnership.”

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