Integrated Counter-Electronics System Unveiled 

The integration of Epirus' Leonidas system with the US Army’s Stryker vehicle provides a cost-effective, maneuverable and tested defense capability against current and emerging threats to the warfighter By DA Staff / 10 Oct 2022
Epirus Stryker-Leonidas
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After signing a strategic teaming agreement in October 2021, Epirus and General Dynamics Land Systems (GD) have successfully integrated Epirus’ Leonidas high-power microwave array with the GD Stryker ground combat vehicle and will unveil the integrated system at the Association of the US Army (AUSA)’s Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington, DC.

The integration of Leonidas, a powerful HPM phased array, with Stryker, the US Army’s largest combat vehicle fleet, brings counter-electronics capabilities to the frontlines. 

Stryker Leonidas has been field demonstrated at a US government testing site, successfully disabling individual drone targets and swarms of drones. 

“The integration of Epirus’ Leonidas system with General Dynamics Land Systems’ Stryker vehicle provides the US Army a cost-effective, maneuverable and tested defense capability against current and emerging threats to the warfighter,” said Leigh Madden, Chief Executive Officer of Epirus. “Epirus’ culture of innovation and GD’s decades-long track record of delivering cutting-edge solutions will only continue as we work together to develop further capabilities.”

According to Epirus, Leonidas’ counter-swarm effectiveness fills a Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) capability gap for the joint force as the threat of swarming drones continues to endanger troops and civilians.

Epirus’ software-weaponeering capabilities allow the system to continually intake new data, rapidly update its sophisticated waveforms and expand its magazine depth for enhanced SHORAD mission assurance across all domains. With its open architecture, Leonidas can integrate with a range of Command-and-Control (C2) platforms to detect, track and defeat the increasing deployment of drone technology by adversaries and non-state actors.

“Adding Leonidas’ counter-electronics capabilities to the Stryker combat vehicle provides the joint force with unmatched mobile protection from the continuously evolving threat of weaponized drones,” said Gordon Stein, Vice President of US Operations at General Dynamics Land Systems. “As the Army’s largest combat vehicle fleet, Stryker is combat-proven, cost-effective, highly mobile, versatile, sustainable and transportable and continues to be a highly sought platform beyond the Stryker Brigade Combat Team formations.”

Stryker Leonidas is the latest edition to Epirus’ suite of HPM systems – along with the company’s ground-based Leonidas system for surface-to-air defense and Leonidas Pod, a first-of-its kind, mobile and compact HPM system. When deployed in tandem, the Leonidas family of products create a layered counter-swarm and counter-electronics field of protection. Epirus is also actively exploring future capabilities to defend against next-generation threats.

Epirus (Booth #253) and GD (Booth #801) will participate in this year’s AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington, DC (October 10-12) to showcase a full-scale Stryker Leonidas prototype on display in the GD exhibit.

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