IAI to Supply Advanced Sensors for Royal Thai Navy’s Patrol Vessels

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) advanced sea Mini-POP sensor payloads will enhance the capabilities of the Royal Thai Navy's patrol vessels to be able to operate in difficult and challenging conditions By Joseph Macey / 02 Jan 2024
Thai Navy to Receive IAI's MINI-POP Sensors for Patrol Vessels
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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is to provide six advanced Sea Mini-POP sensor payloads to the Royal Thai Navy. 

These payload upgrades are expected to enhance the capabilities of the Navy’s patrol vessels to be able to operate in difficult and challenging conditions.

IAI’s Sea Mini-POP is a multi-sensor electro optical and infrared (EO/IR) payload that includes a thermal camera with continuous optical zoom, a color camera with continuous daytime zoom and a laser rangefinder, as well as advanced image processing, positioning and focusing capabilities.

Boaz Levy, IAI’s President and CEO, said; “The recent transactions by IAI serve as a testament to the company’s impactful collaborations on the global stage, underscoring the trust that nations worldwide place in IAI’s innovative solutions, positioned at the forefront of technology. We take pride in sustaining the company’s economic growth trajectory while steadfastly standing beside the IDF and security forces, dedicated to serving our customers during both times of conflict and routine operations.”

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