Hand-Launched Reconnaissance UAV Showcased at Eurosatory 2024

Granta Autonomy's Hornet XR recon unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) weighs 2.9kg, launches with a simple throw, and silently flies for up to 3 hours By Joseph Macey / 21 Jun 2024
Hand-Launched Reconnaissance UAV Showcased at Eurosatory 2024
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Lithuania’s Granta Autonomy has showcased the company’s Hornet XR unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) line at Eurosatory in Paris, small and discreet hand-launched recon drones suited for covert operations.

The Hornet XR boasts several key features for covert missions. Weighing just 2.9kg, it launches with a simple throw and silently flies for up to 3 hours, covering vast distances (up to 160km) unseen. Pre-programmed missions allow for autonomous operation, even in GNSS-denied environments, or when radio signals are jammed or unavailable. Landing employs a deep-stall method for easy retrieval, and the compact, modular design makes it easy to transport in a car trunk.

Gediminas Guoba, Founder and CEO, said; “The Hornet XR embodies Granta Autonomy’s design philosophy. Our team of military drone operators and engineers built their expertise into this design. It offers the industry’s best flight time, simple operation, and rugged durability, leading to increased efficiency, lower costs, and unmatched reliability in complex, multi-faceted missions. We collaborate directly with soldiers in combat zones, testing our products and software in real-world situations. This ensures our solutions excel in the harshest conditions.”

The Hornet XR integrates Granta Autonomy’s powerful and dependable GS-214X and GS-218X gimbal systems. These lightweight, direct drive gimbals feature a powerful camera system, which captures clear daytime images from long distances (up to 5km) and provides essential thermal vision for nighttime operations, guaranteeing mission success around the clock. Granta Autonomy’s Datalink software ensures compatibility with most Ground Control Station software.

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