FPGA-Based System-on-Modules for Real-Time Video & Data Processing

Enclustra's miniature modules are designed to handle real-time and high-speed video and data processing applications By Mike Ball / 10 Apr 2024
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Enclustra has introduced a new family of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)-based embedded system-on-modules (SoM), with over 20 options to suit a wide range of processing requirements.

The first of this new lineup is Pluto, a 30 x 30 mm SoM based around the AMD Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC and designed to accelerate the development of compact and portable low-power applications.

Pluto’s miniature form factor, embedded intelligence and high processing power make it ideal for real-time and high-speed video and data processing applications within defense, including UAV and robotics navigation, communications, satellites, and computer vision.

Philipp Baechtold, CEO of Enclustra GmbH, noted: “Enclustra leverages strategic partnerships with AMD, Altera and Microchip to provide customers with a comprehensive ecosystem of cutting-edge FPGA solutions optimized for performance and cost. We integrated their technology into our Pluto SoM, enabling unparalleled processing power and efficiency in a compact form factor.”

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