Elbit Gunner Hand Stations for Bradley Fighting Vehicles

Gunner hand stations for multiple variants of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle contribute to soldiers lethality and survivability on the battlefield By Joseph Macey / 09 Aug 2023
Elbit Gunner Hand Stations for Bradley Fighting Vehicles
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Elbit America has received a delivery order for gunner hand stations for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

The order has been placed through the Defense Logistics Agency to support the US Army. Production of the stations will be conducted in Fort Worth, Texas and deliveries are expected to begin in July 2024.

Gunner hand stations are used by soldiers to position the turret and initiate signals to the fire control systems within multiple Bradley variants.

No matter the mission in which the Bradley is used, transport or scouting, the gunner hand station is the same, providing superior capability to the gunner.

“For more than 20 years, Elbit America has designed and manufactured the hand stations for Bradley variants,” said Ridge Sower, Vice President for Ground Combat and Precision Targeting. “Our expertise producing these components have led to modular designs and commonality across vehicle platforms. The end result is a superior, rugged solution that we can produce quickly and get to Soldiers on the battlefield.”

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